Stratos Double-Deck Aeroplane May Be the Future of Aviation

The Stratos is one of those commercial planes that actually makes me think "this is how the future will look like". Rather than just being the same old basic design that has been with us forever now, the Stratos has a large 237-foot wingspan and two massive engines mounted on the back, giving it a way more stylised design than monsters like the Airbus A380. Its features, even compared to the A380, are impressive:

• Two Roll Royce Trent-like engines, capable of developing up to 95,000 lbf.
• 55,000 feet altitude ceiling.
• 505 knots cruise speed at 47,000 feet
• 208-foot long body (which in combination with the wings gives it that stylized look).
• 10,400 nautical miles range.
• 256 passengers in an all-sleeper, double-deck configuration (if only all inter-continental places were all-sleepers).

The Stratos is not made by Boeing or EADS. It has been designed by a group of former British aerospace engineers. According to them, this plane will be much more efficient and environmentally-savvy than the current fleet. However, it's just a design for now, even if they say it could get int into service in 2028. [Flight Global]

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