Sky Village 'Pixel Tower' is Sustainable, Adaptable and Really Weird Looking

Today's crazy building comes to us via the architects at design firms MVRDV and ADEPT. And no, "Sky Village" is not headed for Dubai. Instead, the 380-foot "pixelated" structure will rise above the city of Roskildevej—just east of Copenhagen, Denmark. The building will include apartments, a hotel, retail shops and offices as well as sky gardens for residents. The most interesting aspect of the design however involves the adaptability of the pixel living spaces.

These pixels are arranged around a central core and can be moved about—so the layout would constantly evolve. On the downside, the ground floor was designed to be as thin as possible in order to make room for the surrounding plaza, so the whole structure looks bloated and precarious. Hopefully, they won't sacrifice strength and stability for eco-friendliness when it comes to the foundation. [Contemporist via Ecofriend]

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