Sharp’s iPod Hi-Fi Reminds Me Of The 1990s

Sharp’s iPod Hi-Fi Reminds Me Of The 1990s

sanyo ipod hifi.jpgIn the early 1990s, Vanilla Ice was popular. That was not a good thing. I remember the DJ at my Year 6 dance played Ice, Ice Baby three times. Three times! Jerkoff!

Another thing that was popular back then was big, boxy stereo systems, complete with tape deck down below and CD drive up on top. This new $329 Hi-Fi from Sharp reminds me of them, except in the place of cassette slot is a dock for your iPod. It’s even got the built-in AM/FM radio tuner, so when the thousands of tracks on your iPod and CDs aren’t enough, you can tune into some radio station to listen to that crappy DJ play Ice, Ice Baby. Except now it’s retro and cool, right? Wrong! Vanilla Ice will always be a tragedy (except for his cameo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze – that was awesome.)

Sharp’s new Micro iPod system pumps up the volume

Sharp Corporation of Australia has announced the release of its latest Micro sound system, the XLDK257NH featuring a pocket-style iPod dock and capable of producing a powerful 160 W total RMS of high fidelity audio – all within a compact, stylish design.

The XLDK257NH’s docking tray opens at the touch of the button for direct connection and charging of all dockable iPods, including new generation models. The system also enables streaming of photos and video files from all iPods with video capability.

Other music source options on this state of the art micro system include a single tray CD player with 32 track APMS (Automatic Programmable Music Selector), CD random and repeat playback as well as an audio input/music port for instant connection to portable MP3 players.

The XLD257NH’s superb sound is thanks to the powerful 80 watt per channel amplifier, combined with the six-mode programmed electronic equaliser and the enhanced bass function by the inbuilt X-bass system. The 2 way speakers deliver clear, quality audio reproduction and are magnetically shielded for added protection and reliability. Lower frequency range may be further expanded with an optional subwoofer connected via subwoofer pre-out terminal.

The Sharp XLDK257NH also features an AM/FM digital tuner with 40 station random preset memory and RDS, clock/timer/sleep functions and a full function remote control for added convenience.

The stylish black exterior is a perfect complement to any style of décor, offering a discrete music source for bedrooms, living and entertainment areas or office situations.

The Sharp XL-DK257NH is available now from all leading electrical retailers priced at RRP $329.00