Seagate's 'Computer Friends' Really Want You to Invest in 1.5 Terabytes of Storage

Historically, nerd rap has been attached to the Aesop Rocks, Lupe Fiascos, and Kool Keiths of the world, but with this recent trend of viral-y, tech related hip hop vids (See: Large Hadron Rap), that classification is taking on an entirely new meaning altogether. Case in point, Seagate's "Computer Friends" video, which pairs a couple of ironically wiggeriffic cubical emcees together with their token black co-worker (for a ghetto pass, presumably) to spit a hot 16 about their beloved computers, and the need for more storage, specifically a 1.5TB HDD. However, I still think your money would be better spent on an SSD.

Things you can find referenced in this video include memory (stacked to the sky), processors, POP email, 8-bit typefaces, terrorist fist jabs, iMacs (G3 and G5), emoticons, digital teleportation, cyberspace, Ethernet, USB, cookies, anti-virus programs, Robotron, proxy servers, FTPs, VST plugins, refurbished Dells, P2Ps, FIOS, PayPal, and of course, 1.5 terabyte hard drives. And let me preemptively say you're welcome for making your life that much less meaningful on this day of thanks. [Tech Crunch]

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