Scottish Scientists Fight Cancer Cells With a Lightsaber

And those pesky physicists said lightsabers weren't possible. Peshaw, I say, pe-shaw. I say this because Scottish scientists have created a miniature device that attacks individual cancer cells using a cylinder of light. A two millimeter saber of light, or light saber, if you will. The pinpoint accuracy (no Force powers necessary!) will allow doctors to deliver meds to precisely where they're needed; alternatively, it could also be used after a tumor is removed to ensure the surrounding area is truly cancer-free. Apparently, the device is also going to be very useful for deadly hard-to-reach cancers, like that of the pancreas.

However, like any medical invention, there's testing and trials to be done, and this lightsaber cancer-fighter is no exception. Still, hearing the inventor describe this thing you can't help but get excited.

"We can use lasers to punch tiny holes exactly where we want them," said Dr. Frank Gunn-Moore. "We can produce a rod of light - sometimes described as a sword - that can even go around objects. It really does sound like science fiction."

The good doctor doesn't plan on stopping with cancer, either. Other diseases, such as Alzheimer's, are potential targets too. Good form. [Herald Sun, thanks Yash!]

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