Scotsman Trufill Beverage Dispenser Shoots Out 10 Pints in 10 Seconds

You know what sucks? The line at sports venues when you're waiting for disgruntled employees behind a bar to pour out overpriced Bud Lights for thirty or so already drunken meatheads in front of you. While there's not much you can do to make the meatheads disappear, the Scotsman Trufill Beverage Dispenser can at least get rid of most of the line (and some of the angry pourers) by raining out a whopping 10 pints of beer in just 10 seconds.

The system works using a special cup, which allows drinks to be filled from the bottom rather than the top. For drinks that require ice, an added ice dispenser dumps cubes in from the top while the drink is being filled from the bottom. According to the company, fast pour times with almost no spill mean that the Trufill could end up saving 75 percent to 80 percent on labour costs. Though judging by how much the price of beer goes at Yankee Stadium, I doubt that'll ever translate onto the consumer's receipts. [Oh Gizmo!]

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