Samsung Behold With 5MP Camera, Widgety TouchWiz UI First Impressions

Samsung's Behold for T-Mobile—which we peeked a couple of days ago—just plunked down at our doorstep with its five-megapixel Korea-power camera and TouchWiz UI. Off the bat, really like the easy-open battery door. It's the least trouble my clumsy fingers have ever had popping off the back of a phone. Don't like that the microSD card is buried behind it though—isn't this supposed to be a real deal camera phone?

Touchscreen feels about as responsive as the Instinct, though I don't like how the key popups when you touch a letter on the QWERTY keyboard shoot off to the side. If you have a bigass thumb, you won't see what you're touching. Browser kind of meh, but fast, thanks to 3G. [Samsung Mobile]

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