Reminder: Help Us Gizmo-Grow To Win A 42-Inch LCD TV

LG TV Boxed.jpgSee that box? It's currently sitting in my spare room, hogging up space, waiting for you to enter our Gizmo-grow competition so you can win it and I can get rid of it. Inside the box is a 42-inch LG LCD TV, which has only been used once when we were reviewing it.

So what do you have to do to win 42-inches of TV goodness? Help us grow. Get the Gizmodo logo out there in the real world, and then send us the evidence. There have been a few really clever entries, but there's still time for you to blow us away and win the TV. Check out our original post here to get a copy of the logo and read the terms and conditions, and then start getting creative.

There's just over a week left to get your entries in, so you should get cracking...

[Gizmo-grow competition]

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