RED Teases Nov 13th Announcement With Cryptic Renders, More Hyperbole

RED CEO Jim Jannard is either an incredible visionary or prone to serial exaggeration. Just yesterday, he deigned to visit the RED forums, promising that "[RED is]doing things we never thought possible... When we do post, it will be very obvious why we needed a bit more time to 'spill the beans'." As a teaser, he decided to spill two of those beans early, in the form of vague, zoomed-in renders of RED's new HIV-curing, hunger-ending, climate-stabilising übercamera.

Owners of any number of popular DSLRs will notice some familiar controls in these renders, but what does that mean? It seems obvious that Jannard's lovable breathlessness is for his new RED DSLR (or DSMC, I guess), and that his enthusiasm hasn't been diminished in light of the stunning video performance of Canon's 5D DSLR. RED certainly has a track record of innovation, but could Canon have beat them to the DSLR HD video punch? [RedUser via Crunchgear]

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