Question of the Day: Is Taking Away Gadgets an Effective Form of Punishment?

Here is a question for all the parents and troublemaking kids out there. Is taking away favourite gadgets an effective form of punishment? I ask because an amusing story about a stoner having his Xbox 360 confiscated by police today reminded me, in a strange sort of way, about the tragic story of a 15-year old who recently died after running away from home. That case also centreed around the confiscation of an Xbox 360. Obviously, the latter incident proves that this tactic can backfire in a big way—but again, in your experience, has it proven effective?

Is Taking Away Favourite Gadgets an Effective Form of Punishment?
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Results from "Do You Leave Your Game Console Running?"

Yes 6%
Yes, I leave it on standby 12%
Yes, but I'm running [email protected] 3%
No 76%
Other 2%

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