Question of the Day: Do You Prefer Interacting With People or Machines?

The release of the OpenTable iPhone app and the TiVo partnership with Dominos Pizza got me thinking about whether or not less interaction with human beings in these situations is a good thing. I mean, in the case of OpenTable why call up and make reservations when you can press a few buttons and schedule it online? They even have that section where you can make asinine requests to the Maitre'D behind the non-judgmental safety of your computer screen. Obviously, every situation is different and there will be times when talking with an actual person is necessary, but generally speaking, do you prefer to interact with a human or a machine when you require service or information?

Do You Prefer Interacting With People or Machines?
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Results from "Is Re-Gifting a Gadget Wrong? Have You Ever Done It?"

Is Re-Gifting a Gadget Wrong?

Yes 14%
No 44%
Sometimes 42%

Have You Ever Re-Gifted a Gadget?

Yes 24%
I've re-gifted, but not a gadget 27%
No 17%
No, but I would if the appropriate situation presented itself 33%

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