Putting Heatsinks on Light Bulbs Makes for Some Crazy Bulb Designs

Who knew that lightbulb design could suddenly become so interesting? Since we're all well aware that regular old light bulbs are bad for the environment, we're seeing new designs for LED bulbs come in. And man, they're strange looking.

The weird designs, such as the one above, are the result of the LED being lit from the back. The design around the light is actually a heatsink that's meant to dissipate the heat generated by the LED. This design gives the LED much longer life by dissipating the heat quickly. Fortunately, bulbs like this are designed for recessed lighting, meaning you won't see them at all once you have them in place. You'll just reap the benefits on your electricity bill, which is something that no weird-looking bulb can make any less awesome. [NY Times]

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