Prada II Phone Comes With a Swanky Little Bluetooth Watch

Apparently it was optimistic to expect Prada to understand the difference between a fashion accessory and a phone accessory, because now look what's happened: Prada and LG have announced the Prada Link, a Bluetooth watch that pulls text messages and your call information from the Prada II phone. To be honest though, it doesn't look so bad. The stylish Link has a tiny little OLED screen that displays the content of text messages, call history data, a call rejection option and, of course, the time. The only downsides are the 48-hour battery life, which leaves you latching your watch to the phone for charging every couple of days, and the lack of a US release date. It's not yet clear if the watch will come with the phone for free, but considering that similar watches have retailed for around $US400, I'd guess not. [Prada via Akihabara]

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