Plastic Cup and Toothpick Speakers Take Lo-Fi to New Heights

These "CupSpeakers" from designer Dmitry Zagga are MacGyverific. With nothing more than a large disposable drinking cup, a couple of toothpicks, and the included iPod earbuds, Zagga has constructed a sleek, cheap, and easy speaker system for his iPod. He claims the volume increase is "significant," and his photography makes this self-aware DIY project look like something straight out of a Steve Jobs PowerPoint.

The toothpicks hold the cups together, and a small hole at the base of the top cup holds an earbud. The sound is magnified due to the shape of the cup, not any fancy-schmancy "electronics." It may not compete with, you know, real speakers, but Dmitry's got a good sense of humour about him and it looks like a fun project for the incredibly bored. [Yanko]

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