Pico Cube Projector is World's Smallest, Says Maker Epoq

"About the size and weight of a hen's egg" runs the tagline for this projector. That'd be some special large cubic hen then. But this Pico Cube EPP-HH01 from Epoq projector is undeniably tiny—it's just 5.6 x 5.6 x 4 cm across, which Epoq says makes it the world's smallest. It projects VGA resolution images from its LCoS image chip with a 3W LED light source giving it a 80:1 ANSI contrast ratio. It's no high-end video projector of course, but you don't expect that from a gadget of this size. And it does somehow squeeze in a speaker, making it handy for impromptu business presentations and such. It's due to ship this month, for a suitably tiny $US230. [Gadgetcraver.com]

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