Phone Gaming Just Got Upgraded: Quake 3 Arena Now Playable On Select S60 Handsets

quake3.jpgPretty much all anybody talks about when they talk about phone gaming these days is the iPhone. Sure, you might get the occasional reference to N-Gage, or Brickbreaker might get an update, but that's about it, right? Wrong. As of today, if you're the proud owner of a Nokia N95 8GB, N82 or E90 handset, you can now play Quake 3 Arena on your mobile, with full multiplayer.

Of course, playing a full-blown FPS with a phone's awkward, packed keypad isn't exactly appealing, so the ported game as full Bluetooth keyboard and mouse support. Just forget for a moment what playing a game with a full keyboard and mouse while watching your phone's tiny screen would be like for a second and consider that this is actually a triumph for modern handsets. The fact that we can play a game that required top-of-the-line hardware a decade ago on our mobile phones is newsworthy just in itself.

If you own one of the three compatible phones and want to get your Quake 3 Arena action on, click the link below and follow the instructions. Just remember though - you'll need to own a copy of the game for this to work.

[Symbian Freak via Decoder]

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