Personalised Bobblehead iPhone Holder (Yes, Someone Went There)

What do you get for the Apple lover who has everything? This. You get them this. It's a personalised bobblehead iPhone holder. The subject sends in three different shots of their face, chooses the skin, hair and eye colour, and through the magic of...well, we don't know exactly how they're built...a figure arrives that looks somewhat like someone, somewhere. But there's more!

While the base bobblehading service runs $US89, you can add on all sorts of extras. $US5 buys you a painted name, or $US15 adds a voice recorder to the mix. Plus, for the extremely narcissistic, a second, identical bobblehead can be ordered for $US50.

In case you're actually considering it as a gift, give yourself lots of lead time. Orders fulfilled within 15 days cost a premium, so procrastination will make you pay. After all, you just can't rush art. [Custom Bobble]

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