Organic Chlorophyll Battery Can Charge Up Using Any Liquid

A Taiwanese professor by the name of Chungpin Hovering Liao has created what is believed to be the world's first chlorophyll organic battery. Precisely how the battery works is a mystery, but the inventor claims that it can use any liquid (even urine) to generate a charge within 10 seconds. He also claims that the storage capacity is double that of Japan's water-powered fuel cells, but it only puts out half the power of a traditional battery. Still, it would only cost 3 to 6 cents to produce a single, completely biodegradable unit. Liao has patents pending on his chlorophyll batteries, although I don't think pee-powered portable gadgets will be arriving on store shelves anytime soon. [eTaiwan News via Ecofriend via CleanTechnica]

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