Nominate Gizmodo Australia For The 2008 Weblog Awards

The 2008 Weblog AwardsHave I ever told you guys how much we love you? Well, we love you. A lot. And we know that somewhere, deep inside, there’s a part of you that loves us too.

That’s why we’re going to ask you guys a small favour. We want you to vote for nominate us in this year’s Weblog awards. We want you guys to go out there and tell the world that you reckon we’re the best blog in the world (or at least Australia/NZ).

It’ll only take a few minutes of your time, and if we win, I’ll buy you all a beer*. Simply click on these links and nominate Gizmodo Australia.
*Best Australia/NZ blog
*Best Technology blog

We’ll also be asking you to vote in a couple of weeks, but we really want to ensure we get some nominations, so head over and help us out. We’d do it for you, if you were a blog**.*I lied – there will be no beer purchasing in the foreseeable future. Sorry.
** Maybe.