New Zune Game Has a Curious 'Touch' Option, According to Man With Gun

Those new games that came with the 3.1 firmware are swell and all, but they're not deciding features. Well, a strapping, brusque, heavily armed young man has brought to our attention that the Checkers app contains a dummy 'Touch' option, leaving us a mysterious clue — to something. That something, while it could be new, touchy Zunes from the future, is more likely one of these less-exciting things: either a bizarre example of the lazy porting of a mobile game or evidence that the planned integration of Zune software into Windows Mobile will extend beyond the music interface.

No matter what the reason behind the 'Touch' button, one thing is very clear: Zune fans aren't exactly helping their favourite media player too much. Zune Tattoo Guy? Zune anal spew guy? Zune "I'll shoot you in the face if the next Zunes don't have touch" Guy? Try as you will, you can't peg this one on Ballmer. Video below and mildly NSFW for a gratuitous "Sup, bitches." [RyJones]

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