New Xbox 360 Motherboard Leaked, Has 256MB Flash Memory

Jasper, the next version of the Xbox 360 motherboard, has been leaked and apparently it comes with new unannounced goodies. Apart from the rumoured 65nm graphics processing unit—the unit uses a 150W power supply, 25W less than before, which signals a lower consumption most probably caused by the reduced GPU footprint—the new units allegedly come with a new south bridge and, surprise surprise, a 256MB flash memory chip for internal storage.

According to Xbox Scene, the new 256MB chip will allow to install the entire new NXE dashboard without requiring the hard drive or any external flash memory unit. It will also allow you to store XLBA games, save gamesave information, or whatever you want. The rest of the motherboard layout stays the same, except for the RAM memory configuration, which changes from the previous version. [Xbox Scene]

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