New Laser Cinema Projectors Offer Superior Picture Quality, Increased Pew Pew Factor

The Economist has a great piece about researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have developed a digital cinema projector that uses lasers as the main display technology. In doing so, these projectors are able to display a staggering 80 percent of the colour range visible to the human eye. Previously, the 60 percent range that 35mm film offered was considered the benchmark for other projectors and displays to measure themselves up against.

In the past, laser projectors were never considered because lasers would produce speckle in the picture, thus reducing picture sharpness. But what researchers have done is combine separate red, blue and green lasers together with DLP technology to produce a clear picture. By melding the separate lasers together to produce a white laser, then having the DLP break it back part into RGB pixels, each laser cancels out the speckle created by the others.

Not only that, but in theory, by increasing the intensity of the lasers, these new projectors could theoretically display 90% of the visible colour range while still using 35 percent less power than a xenon lamp projector. The only issue now for the budding technology is the initial cost. Considering lasers last much longer than Xenon lamps and movie houses can ditch film without sacrificing picture quality, these laser projectors should be an enticing option. [The Economist]

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