Nap Cap and Strap Sleeping Aids Have Endless Possibilities

While the manufacturer sells this Nap Cap as a way to help you sleep comfortably in planes and Greyhound buses by holding your head straight against the seat, I think they got it all wrong. In reality, this is the perfect system to strap the old lady/kid/John Candy-lookalike sitting next to you before they start drooling over your shoulder. And if your fellow traveller looks like Olivia Newton-John, you can always use their other model: the Nap Strap, "a fleece lined elastic headband that keeps your head supported in a comfortable position". It sounds even better than it looks.

The complete system includes, for just $US99:

• The Nap-Cap (which adjusts for size).
• Two Flexible elastic bands for head positioning and support.
• Removable fleece eyeshade.
• One pair of noise reducing, soft foam earplugs.
• Two adjustable length, Velcro bands, for fastening to almost any size headrest or seat.
• Two easy-on adhesive Velcro strips for permanent installation or fastening in confined spaces.
• Detailed, easy to follow instruction manual with many helpful hints.
• All packaged in a compact, velvet carry pouch.

Unfortunately, it doesn't include a no-shame certificate or gag ball. [Vacation Gadgets via Nerd Approved]

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