My Room II Is Still A Bastion of Antisocial Shut-Ins the World Over

Way back in the archaic Internet days of 2004, Gizmodo brought you word of a self-contained bite-sized sanctuary called My Room. Now, in the present, Yamaha seems determined to keep its stranglehold on the social pariah demographic with My Room II. What's new for 2008? Try "increased comforts" like touch screen controls, air conditioner mounts and a quicker construction time (under one hour) to get you out of society and into that Ted Kaczinski mindset pronto. Manifestos are not included.

And believe it or not, there's actually competition for this market in Japan (surprise!). The Celine 2 offers similar comforts, plus saxophone marketing materials.

Now, secluding oneself from society is not cheap, as the My Room II sells for about $US6,500. Alternatively, you can "rent" a My Room II for about $US100-$US200 a day. We just hope they wash these things out between uses. [Kilian Nakamura]

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