Music Flow Music-As-Water Concept Stretches My Brain

Do you think of your MP3 player as the well from whence music springs forth like so much cool, pure H2O? Neither do I, but that didn't stop some brainy (that is, totally insaney) designers from coming up with a painfully elaborate music-player concept based on just such an analogy.

Over at Yanko Design you can see the Music Flow concept by Min-Kyung Kang, Tae-Seung Kim and Jeong-Min Og. As you can see, you turn the faucet knob to initiate the musical stream, which "flows" into the headphones connected to the spigot. With me so far? OK, so the headphone cable is a garden hose, of sorts, and it uses a capacitive sensor to detect pinching: If you pinch the hose, the watery music momentarily ceases to flow! Feel free to take your bong hit now, cuz it's only getting weirder...
• The remote "looks like waves" and controls the player without the faucet knob.
• The faucet knob is actually also a disguised speaker.
• And the spigot, being the player itself, houses a battery that you charge up before attaching to "a wall or window."
• None of these pieces, save the spigot and the presumably prohibitively expensive headphones, come together.

It's definitely more, uh, creative than that goofy cow MP3 player, but that doesn't mean it makes any sense. I almost forgot the kicker: It's not waterproof. [Yanko]

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