MSI Gets Into Nettop PC Game With All-in-One Wind Neton Range

There're one or two contenders in the netbook-for-desktop nettop game, but with MSI's new Wind Neton machines it could get a bit interesting. Atom-based, of course, the PCs will come in 22-inch, 18.5 and 15.6-inch screen versions, dubbed M22, M19 and M16, and the all-in-one iMac alikes look like they'll have optional touchscreens. Releases are due in January for the M19, Feb for the M16 and March for the M22 at $US500, $US400 and $US800 respectively. Oh, the M22 has a Blu-ray drive option—Like I said, this could get interesting. [EngadgetChina and Crunchgear]

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