Moller Says Flying Ferraris Taking Off In Two Years

Moller International, creators of the first flying car ever made, has said it'll be able to bring a flying Ferrari into driveways in roughly two years. The "Autovolantor," based on the Ferrari 599 GTB, will use eight thrusters to take off vertically, hover, and fly forward at 240kph.

The designer, Bruce Calkins, says the car features a specially designed hybrid fuel and electric power system for the thrusters, and will be able to fly up to altitudes of 1.5km and go about 120km in the air before running empty. The cost for shooting out of traffic will be about $US787,000, Calkins said.

Call me a skeptic, but the whole thing sounds like a load of hot air. The article and a search of Moller's site revealed almost no information about the mechanics of the project. Unless someone actually shows me how they plan on lifting two tons of metal off the ground using "thrusters," I'm going to file this under the "I'll believe it when I see it" folder. [Telegraph UK]

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