Mintpad Wireless Post-Its Good For Classroom Note-Passing, Digital-Style

Digitised Post-It-alike gizmos aren't new, but none I can think of is quite as functional as Mintpass' Mintpad. It's a web-surfing, Wi-Fi, media player with 1.3-megapixel cam, microphone and built-in speaker, 4GB of memory with microSD expansion. Plus it's a 320 x 240-pixel 2.9-inch touchscreen note-taker.

It won't handwriting-recognise your scrawls though, it simply replaces Post-Its for reminder notes. And you can send your notes over the net to other Mintpad owners. Will it replace crumpled paper-notes bearing "Steve fancies you!" messages thrown between desks in class—or displace the humble SMS? Could do, but since it's out in South Korea for about $US156, probably not. [Pocketables via Engadget]

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