Mimo 7-inch USB Battleoid Cockpit Display Coming to the US

A Gizmodo reader saw the Mimo 7-inch USB rotatable displays and he thought they were so cool that he is importing 500 units to sell them in the US. I'm not surprised, because they are extremely nice and useful indeed: You only have to connect them to a USB port and they work as satellite 800 x 480 screens for anything you want to put in them, from small apps like instant messaging to widgets like Photoshop tools.

He says he's importing the UM-710 and the UM-730, which apart from being rotatable, have touchscreen, webcam, microphone, and a built-in speaker.

Display Size: 7"
Display Resolution: 800 x 480
Brightness: 350cd/m2
Contrast Ratio: 400:1
UM-710 Connections: USB 2.0
UM-730 Connections: USB 2.0, Audio In, Audio Out
UM-710 Functions: Monitor, Pivots
UM-730 Functions: Monitor, Pivots, Touchscreen, Webcam, Microphone, Speaker
Dimensions: 195 x 97.5 (UM-730: 197 x 97.5)

Apparently, the manufacturer told him that they are working on Mac OS X drivers now. [The Gadgeteers]

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