Microwavable Boots Keep Your Feet Warm, and Your Microwave Stinky

Winter is almost upon us, and chilly feet can be a chronic issue. Thankfully humanity no longer has to suffer this unpleasantness with the introduction of CozyFeet microwavable boots. The modern-day equivalent of warming ones feet by the fire, these boots "contain a special blend of natural wheat grain and dried French lavender that, once heated, stay warm for up to two hours" after just two minutes of microwaving. Wow, it makes all those electric heated-boots seem clunky and old fashioned because, hey, what's more modern than a microwave? They make no mention, however, of how this affects the taste of your food; I'd like my frozen pizza with a waft of foot-odour thanks! CozyFeet cost about $US24. [Gadget Shop via Shiny Shiny]

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