Mcor Matrix 3D Printer Replicates Objects on the Cheap With Simple Paper and Glue

3D printers are awesome. Feed them a computer model, and out comes a real object—often with complexity that is impossible to conjure into reality via any other means. Still blows my mind nearly every time I see one in action. Especially cool, then, is the Mcor Matrix, a 3D Printer that aims to keep cost of ownership at a minimum by using as its elementals regular office paper and a common water-based glue. This hand model, for instance, was produced for only €3.70 ($US4.73).

Using paper also allows the Matrix's models to be fashioned with a blade, rather than a laser, which also keeps costs down. After the models come out, they can be sanded, painted and finished just like they were made of wood.

The Matrix has been in prototype form for a while, but Mcor has recently fought through the vapourware stage that keeps many 3D printer concepts down, claiming availability in Europe, with the rest of the world to follow next year. [Mcor Matrix via Gadget Lab via Hack-a-Day]

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