Mark III Gaming Pod, For No Girls Allowed...Fun?

When we first laid eyes on the $US2,500 PodWombats Mark III Pod, we thought that our dream of gaming in a secluded, impenetrable cave-fortress had come true. After all, the convertible top can slide closed to block out all noise and light, creating a pseudo isolation chamber for gaming. But then we took a look inside the chamber:

You see, it only makes sense to trap yourself in somewhere if it's awesome, like a women's locker room or a pizza buffet. The Mark III is superbly disappointing, lacking the comforting polish of a car interior along without enough room for a decent big screen.

As it is now, the Mark III looks more like a flatulence-based torture chamber than a gaming sanctuary, but our dream lives on. [PodWombats via Ubergizmo]

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