Made-In-China Handset Turns iPhone Into a Clamshell

We've seen our fair share of phony iPhones here before, but this is the first time I've seen a company take a more ingenious approach to copycatting and, I dare say, I wouldn't mind if the real iPhone took a page out of this guy's book one day. I introduce you to the iPhone Flip.

The phone measures 105 x 53 x 17mm, and weighs roughly 110 grams. It comes with a .3MP camera, a 2.6-inch screen with a 240 x 320 resolution, the ability to play mp3s and mp4s and some "built-in" games.

Also note the plastic "brushed aluminum", almost-but-not-quite Macbook Air look and the adorable Apple icon on the front. It lights up! You can see the exact amount of LEDs underneath! How cute! It can be all yours for roughly $US100. How's THAT, economy? [Shanzhaiji]

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