Low Cost Robot On Wheels Can Spy Baddies, Paint Them to Death

ROMP—or Remotely Operated Mobile Platform—is a poor man's version of an iRobot battlefield bot. Instead of fancy tracks and miniaturised sensors, these ROMPs seem more like sophisticated all-terrain RC cars rigged with consumer cameras. Until you meet the older brother, of course, the weaponised WROMP with its big gun on top. In the words of its creator, Chris Rogers:

[The WROMP]is a weaponised version of the Remotely Operated Mobile Platform. The operator can "drive" the vehicle and fire the weapon although it is out of visual range. WROMP can also be used for reconnaissance and bomb investigation and remote detonation

As you can see, the weapon in this case is just a paintball machine gun. Enough for me, although Chris says the platform has been designed for any use, "including remote surveillance, security patrolling and bomb investigation." The system uses an audio/video system linked to an VR headset for control, aiming, and firing. [Coroflot via Dvice]

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