Limited Edition iZ3D Monitors Are the Mullets of the LCD World

Sometimes you have to respect a company if only because they're doing something different. Now iZ3D has teamed with computer painters Smooth Creations to release 22-inch widescreen monitors that offer some 3D LCD "business" in the front and a little 2D hot rod paint job "party" in the back.

The monitors run at resolutions up to 1680x1050 and feature a 170-degree viewing angle, 5ms response time, 700:1 contract and 16.7 million colours. The system can toggle into 3D mode assuming you are wearing a pair of polarized glasses, though the flaming skull finish on the back of your monitor may be more interesting after a few beers.

One of these painted iZ3D monitors will run $US739 and require a 3-week lead time with every order. Our review of an old iZ3D system can be found here. [iZ3D]

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