Lightning Review: Voting Machines (Verdict Pending)

The Gadget: Touchscreen, punch card and lever voting machines

The Price: Free with registration

The Verdict: Unclear.

There have been lots of criticisms of the betas and early releases of the reliability of the touchscreen models, but all that matters is them working on the release day. And today is finally the release day for these super-hot gadgets after an agonisingly-long two-year marketing push, so expect lines as long as the iPhone lines in certain markets. Plan ahead!

We need more hands-on with these, but luckily, they're free for all American citizens today, so go out and use them and then let us know how it went. Take pictures or video if you're up for it. We want a really comprehensive review here, so make sure you use them. They're the most important gadgets you can play with, after all.

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