Lightning Review: Babaka Massage Glasses (Verdict: Face Ticklingly Weird)

The Gadget: Microcomputer Massage Glasses. Available as a freebie if you get China-based company Babaka's posture harness (more on that later)... or about $US10 if you choose to buy one yourself.

The Price: $US10

The Verdict: So apparently these things are supposed to help relax your eyes after hours of staring at a computer. As a blogger, I'm always looking for things to keep my eyesight from getting worse... but the benefits of this product seem a little dubious. After wearing it for a couple of seconds, my face started to go numb and I could feel my contacts drying out. I'm still trying to blink moisture back into them.

These feelers stimulate the pressure points around your eyes. The Chinese are really big on acupressure. I love acupressure too, but this machine feels less health massage and more sensual massage, if you get my drift. Especially since you can set it to cycle through three modes - continuous vibration, slow pulse vibration and fast pulse vibration. Hmmmm.

Oh, and the back brace. My parents insisted I get one to remind myself to sit up straight while I'm working. It kind of works... mostly because every time I start to slouch, it cuts off my circulation and I get light headed. Better posture through oxygen deprivation FTW! [Babaka's site. Chinese only.]

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