Lightning Review: Awethumb Smartphone Typing Helper is Horribly Pointless

The Gadget: Awethumb, a thumb attachment that's meant to reduce hand discomfort and increase typing speed when texting on smartphones.

The Price: Who the hell cares! Don't buy this thing! Ok, it's $US8.

The Verdict: Hello? Didn't I just say not to buy this thing? Not only is it pretty useless in adding any kind of support to your thumbs when you type, it actually makes you cramp up MORE because you're trying to keep these Awethumbs from sliding off. The thumbs, which have a rubbery tip, also can't be used on capacitive touch-based phones, like the iPhone and the T-Mobile G1.

What's even worse is that in our tests, the Awethumb tips actually decreased accuracy in our phones (T-Mobile G1 and an HTC Windows Mobile smartphone). Maybe a couple weeks of use would fix this, but I doubt it. So what's the point if this doesn't help protect your thumb from injuries and doesn't increase typing speed or typing accuracy? Exactly. There is no point. It's Awethumb. [Awethumb]

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