Life! iPhone Case Gives Full 1.5 Extra Charges For Your iPhone

Life iphone case.jpgiPhone cases that offer a bit of extra juice on the go are nothing new, but what makes the Life! branded model special is that it's Australian. And we all know that buying Australian products teaches baby Kangaroos how to box, puts sand on our beaches and prevents Peter Andre from ever releasing another album.

The case itself measures in at 135mm x 68mm x 22mm and weighs 80 grams. When your iPhone runs out of juice, the in-built Li-ion battery can recharge your phone fully in about 90 minues, and then when that runs out, can recharge your phone about 1/2 way again. There's a switch on the bottom that you flick over to begin recharging, as opposed to just plugging it in to give your iPhone longer battery life.

We're getting one in for review to do our part for the Australian economy, but if you can't wait, the Apple certified Life! recharging iPhone case is available in black and white leather for $79 from their website.


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