Let Me Google That For You Teaches You How To Google

Let Me Google That For You is a tutorial search engine for those whose assistance is constantly needed by the technologically impaired or those clueless friends you have who are just too lazy to search for answers themselves. Follow the jump to find out how it works.

Upon reaching the Let Me Google That For You page, type in your friend's question into the search bar and click any button. The Web site will then provide you with a link to pass on to your friend, which will direct him to a page that will show your friend, step by step, exactly how to Google that specific question. The tutorial ends with an backhanded remark, "was that so hard?" before listing the question's search results. Hopefully your and the tutorial's impertinence will finally push your Google-incapable friends into braving the search engine waters on their own. [Lifehacker]

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