Large, Goliath-Sized Apple Tells Small, David-Sized School to Stop Using Logo

Apple is again flexing its immense legal muscle today with a threat of legal action against a small Vancouver business school over the use of the Apple logo. The tiny Victoria School of Business and Technology, which may remind some of a certain Biblical character named David, adopted the Apple-esque logo in 2005. Apple Inc., which may remind some of an angry, Biblical giant named Goliath, has used its trademark apple icon for the past 30 years.

A letter from Apple lawyers said the VSBT logo, which depicts an apple and a mountain graphic from its sister company,, infringes on Apple's rights. The letter also alleges the logo is "falsely suggesting that Apple has authorised your [computer-software operation courses] ." Some of those courses are conducted on Mac hardware.

If this tiny Vancouver school does not comply with Apple's request, legal proceedings could begin that would prohibit the school from using the logo. The VSBT could also be forced to repay legal costs and "damages."

The VSBT, for its part, is conducting a survey about the issue on its homepage. It doesn't take a genius to guess what the current survey results reveal.

Surprise! The school's president and CEO, Dieter Gerhard, is vehemently denying any infringement, saying the logo differs from the Apple logo in several ways:

  • the acronym VSBT is part of the design.
  • the logo incorporates a mountain graphic from its sister company,
  • the school's apple has three bumps on top while Apple's design has two
  • the logo is multi-coloured while Apple's is not

Seems pretty cut and dry to us. Why all the sour grapes at Apple? [Vancouver Sun]

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