Karl Lagerfeld's Custom Louis Vuitton 20 iPod Trunk

Only one man has the means and the desire to commission a one-of-a-kind case from Louis Vuitton that holds 20 iPods, a charger and compartments for JBL speakers. That man is, of course, fashion designer and cutting edge super-nerd Karl Lagerfeld. As I'm sure you know, Lagerfeld has a thing for iPods. Several years ago he decided to transfer his enormous CD collection to the portable device—nearly 100 of them in fact. He even has an "iPod nanny" that looks after the collection in much the same way as a librarian presides over a room full of books (by the looks of things, he hasn't upgraded the models though. Probably has the batteries replaced). So, if anyone truly needs to drop tens of thousands of dollars on a custom bespoke iPod case, I suppose it's him. [Luxist via Ballerhouse and NYmag]

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