Judge Orders Ballmer to Testify in 'Vista Capable' Class-Action Lawsuit

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said in October that he had no knowledge of the "Vista Capable" debacle that's since spawned a class-action lawsuit, but a federal judge wants him to testify in the case anyway. U.S. District Judge Marsha Pechman smacked down Microsoft's earlier claims that Ballmer shouldn't have to testify, and wrote Friday that the plaintiffs had adequately shown the chair-throwing executive may have had "unique knowledge" of the disastrous "Vista Capable" PC program.

Ballmer was ordered to give a deposition in the next 30 days. And Microsoft said the company will comply with the order.

Just for fun, here's what Ballmer was saying as early as last month:

"I was not involved in any of the operational decisions about the Windows Vista Capable program. I was not involved in establishing the requirements computers must satisfy to qualify for the Windows Vista Capable program.

Jim Allchin, Microsoft's then co-president of Platform Products and Services, and Will Poole, Microsoft's then Senior Vice President, Windows Client Business....I did not direct Mr. Allchin or Mr. Poole to reach any particular business decision. Mr. Allchin and Mr. Poole remained responsible for maintaining and executing those decisions."

[BusinessWeek Online]

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