Joe Six-Pack Loves the iPhone Too

I really have no idea what the hell "Joe Six-Pack" means, but for the purpose of this post it will mean "people who make low or modest incomes." With that out of the way, the headline makes sense, and we can report that low-income consumers are buying up the iPhone at a much faster pace than rich liberal media elites, like myself, who live in piles of money in places like Massachusetts.

The revelation arrives with the publication of some ComScore surveys that sought to identify who, exactly, was buying up the JesusPhone 3G.

According to the surveys, iPhone purchases grew the fastest among consumers with an annual household income range of $US25,000 to $US50,000 (which is about what elitists such as myself spend at the App Store every month). This represents a growth rate of 48%, compared to 16% among people with incomes of $US100,000 or more. Unsurprisingly, the rapid iPhone growth coincided with the day Apple slashed the price by 50%, and introduced the App Store.

That said, the iPhone crowd is still dominated by affluent males between the ages of 18 and 35. Nevertheless, the shift suggests smartphones are becoming a mainstream product, said ComScore Mobile analyst Jen Wu. [IT World]

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