iPhone Shoulder Holster Is Chuck Norris' Favourite Fashion Accessory

Apparently created for police detectives, construction workers, or anyone with zero sense of fashion and/or shame, the e-Volve Gadget Shoulder Holster is just that: A shoulder holster which, according to the manufacturer, "is designed to evolve and adapt to the reality of constant state of change in personal electronics by enabling you to wear your present and future gadgets". Yes, it does all that. It has been engineered to "access your gadgets quickly," like if your iPhone was Chuck Norris' revolver. But make no fun of this, because this thing does it all:

The e-Volve Gadget Shoulder Holster is designed with a large quick-access pocket that securely fits most smartphone devices (such as a Apple iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Treo or other smartphone device), compact digital cameras (such as Canon Powershot, Panasonic Lumix, Sony Cybershot, Fuji Finepix, Olympus Stylus and others), larger digital music players (such as Apple iTouch or iPod Classic and Microsoft Zune 80 or Zune 120), Sony Playstation Portable, Nintendo DS portable, and most standard sized men's wallets.

The small quick-access pouch will fit most small cell phones, small digital music players (such as Apple iPod Nano, Microsoft Zune 4, Zune 8 & Zune 16), digital voice recorders and other small personal electronic gadgets.

On top of those unique pocketing features, you can also "control loose pocket items" thanks to a "unique zippered pouch to quickly store and control change, currency, memory cards, zip drives, sunglasses, reading glasses, and much more". And that's good, because you have to control those loose pocket items. Don't let them go wild. [eholster via Ubergizmo]

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