iPhone Benchmarked Against Banned Apple Ad

After banning an Apple iPhone ad earlier this year, the British Advertising Standards Authority has pulled out another one that glossed over how "really really" fast the new iPhone 3G is. PC Pro went to try how "fast" is "really fast" and recorded the same ad with a real iPhone, in real time, putting their video and Apple's TV commercial side to side.

So what's so great about 3G. It's what helps you get the news, really fast. Find your way, really fast. And download pretty much anything, really fast. The new iPhone 3G. The internet, you guessed it, really fast.

As the demo shows, "really fast" is not as fast as Apple shows in their ad. In fact, as any iPhone user knows, any similarities between reality and those iPhone ads is a coincidence, which is exactly why it got banned in the UK. Head to PC Pro to see the rest of the video. [PC Pro and PC Pro]

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