iPhone 2.2 Screenshots Show Full Podcast Interface, Polished Store App

New screenshots of the new iPhone operating system update keep leaking from obscure European sites, where they have no respect for NDAs and cheddar cheese. These ones reveal the fully polished over-the-air podcast interface. We got a glimpse of it before—in the iPhone OS 2.2 rumour round-up—but these show the whole thing, including the downloading process over the 3G network. There's a catch, however.

Apple has established that the podcasts can't be bigger than 10 MBytes, which will be fine for most. Still, it looks like this is the closest thing to "live" content iPhone users are going to get.

The App Store looks sightly different, although knowing Apple's graphical interface guidelines, I doubt they will put ugly icons from other apps in the store categories, so these are probably placeholder. [Schimanke via Apple Insider]

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