Internode Launching Chumby In Australia

Internode Launching Chumby In Australia

chumby_main.jpgRemember Chumby? That Wi-Fi enabled beanbag widget thing that hit the US back in February? Well it’s launching in Australia on Wednesday. Awesome, right? The surprising thing is that it’s coming to us not through a regular retailer, but through ISP Internode.

That doesn’t mean you need to be an Internode customer to get one though – they’ll be completely ISP-agnostic. It’ll cost you $299 for the squishy, linux-based device, plus you can pick up a variety of “outfits” for it for $39 each from Internode’s website.

At the moment, all the widgets for Chumby are pretty US-centric, but according to APC, Internode are hoping that Australia’s tech elite (that’s you!) start writing relevant Australian widgets. For its part, Internode will be releasing some Internode-specific applications like Internet radio channels that make the most of their unmetered content.

We’re trying to get our hands on a review unit, but if you happen to pick one up before us, let us know what you think. If you’re really keen, you can register your interest in the product on Internode’s Chumby page.

[Internode via APC]