Instant Nostalgia: Apple-Themed Halloween Costumes

Another Halloween has come and gone, and instead of nursing my hangover while curled up in the bathtub, like I really wanted to, I'm tasked with entertaining you lot. It seems like a good year for costumes: we've seen some great ones, but what nobody's asked for is the Apple-themed costumes piling up in my inbox.

First up is this surprisingly thorough mock-Apple ad from reader Cosmo. Sure, it's kind of DIY, but the dude painted his entire head and somehow dug up one of those ancient white iPods: white is so six months ago. My head hurts too much to think about why he's standing next to a giant cookie.

And next is the self-described "nerdiest costumes this year," from reader Joe Kutilek. That's right, this is an iPhone Mac OS icon costume. It's like arts and crafts meets belly-painting sports fan, with a dash of dork.

And finally we have Jeff Shein, whose devotion to Apple makes my head spin more than it did last night after that Long Island Iced Tea served in a fishbowl. His G5 costume was made from foam insulation, radiator covers, and unabashed lust for Jonathan Ives.

For the record, I dressed up as a Canadian. I got to wear my normal clothes, forget to trim my beard, and checked my BlackBerry all night. If you can find a nice bartender who'll cut you deals on shots of Canadian Club, I'd recommend it. [Thanks, tipsters!]

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