iiNet Adds Xbox Live Gaming Content To The Unmetered List

iiNet Adds Xbox Live Gaming Content To The Unmetered List

iinet_logo.jpgWow – iiNet seems to be on the warpath at the moment, and not just because they’re being sued. They’ve backed up their announcement that they’re planning on launching an IPTV service next year by making Xbox Live gaming downloads unmetered. That means you can download as many game demos and full games as you want, and play online as well without having to worry about exceeding your download limit.

Add this to the fact that iTunes downloads are unmetered, as is anything viewed through ABC’s iView, Premiere League football matches and NASA TV.

I’m telling you – if iiNet get off their backside (granted, they have been fairly busy recently) and launch ADSL2+ at my local exchange, I reckon I’d switch to them in a heartbeat. This kind of approach to internet content is exactly the kind of ISP I want to give my money to – it works out better for everyone. If nothing else, let’s hope that other ISPs start following iiNet’s example.

UPDATE: So actual Xbox Live gaming isn’t included – turns out iiNet can’t actually monitor it effectively. Still, for downloading demos and classic Xbox games this still rocks for iiNet customers.